Ragas in Experiment

Garbh sangeet
From ancient times Indian Raag music has also been used as an applied art, especially in the area psycho- therapy. The Ras theory in Indian music has specially been used in creating different moods. As a music expert and singer in the CD Garbh Sangeet launched by Manshakti Kendra Lonavla, Three Ras , Shant, shringar and veer are used it a Therapeutic way that could enrich the womb of the pregnant mother with positivity and peace of mind.

breathe well
Pranayam- Breathing exercises in Yog, has been a time tested remedy for mental stress, anxiety and hypertension. Practicing Yog has been an intrinsic part of Ayurveda in Indian medicine. Music has an inherent quality of reducing stress. As a music expert, I have interwoven music with breathing exercises in this amazing CD produced by Manashakti Kendra, Lonavla.