Roop Bandish Foundation

According to Indian musical scriptures, Geet- voice, Vadya- instrument, Nritya- dance together define as Music- Sangeet . Till medieval times who was well versed with all the three streams was called a complete 'paripurna' Musician. Bharat, Sharandev, Jaydev can be exemplified in such category. They expressed their musical thoughts aesthetically in the framework of sur and taal. The tana - bana of raag and taal woven intricately to give a blissful experience has been the aim of Indian raga music for many ages. The form or a Bandish has been the medium - Madhyam, to express such aesthetical blissful thoughts.

Bandish- a beautiful thought, may it be in music, drawing, sculpture, or any other art elevates human to godliness, eventually creating oneness among all living beings.

Roop Bandish Foundation ventured by Prof Anjali Malkar, believes in the same same line of thought. Keeping vocal music as the base line of the musical thought, all other art forms are woven together as supporting aids to appreciate Hindustani classical music. She uses multimedia ( audio and visual materials, books and live presentations) as a part of this new teaching methodology. The focus of this institute is to create knowledgeable compassionate Rasik who will in turn become an ambassador of Hindustani music in the world.