Nama Mhane

From 13 century onwards India saw the waves of Bhakti movement all over the place. The Vallabh Sampraday in the north, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in west were the saint leaders guiding the people in Turmoil of different invasions. But it was the varkari sampraday headed by Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Namdeo who became the torch bearers of this movement.

Saint Namdeo, basically a singer also was the pioneer in Marathi autobiography, Abhang form, the first Keertankar of of Varkari sect and the first Marathi saint to cross the borders of Maharashtra was the leading figure amongst the vaishnav followers.

Namaa Mhane, a unique multilayered presentation with singing bhajans, voice inact of Abhangs and compeering all in one bouquet displays the multifaceted personality of Namdeo , his revolutionary thoughts and works which further became lighthouse for the future saints are the features in the program.

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